How to Avoid Breaking Your Headphones

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Constantly breaking your headphones? Headphones not sounding great even though you can remember not doing anything wrong to them? Here a few a simple things to keep your headphones producing good music....


  1. Turn your music down! Not only is loud music likely to ruin your headphones, additionally, it is really bad for your eardrums!
  2. Do not use tiny headphones on a stereo that isnt designed for them. There is a possibility that the power applied to the headphones will be too great for the headphones to handle.
  3. Avoid sharp pulls on the headphone cord. This will pull the wires out of their holders over time, making them unusable.
  4. Avoid letting the earphones dangle or spin them. The centripetal forces will damage the delicate electronics in them, and will ruin the sound quality.
  5. Dont put them in water.
  6. Dont tangle the cord up. This may lead to knots which can potentially pinch the wires and break them.


  • Buy a case for your headphones if possible. This will keep them free of tangles and any physical damage.
  • When buying headphones, looks for ones which have some sort of strain relief (this is a flexible comb of plastic on the end of the connectors). This can help to prevent you pulling the wires out of the headphones.
  • If your stereo or MP3 player has a Volume Limiting System, use it. It will prevent you from damaging your hearing and prolong the life of your headphones
  • Choose carefully when buying headphones. Sometimes the cheapest headphones are not the best and are more likely to break. Buy a good, recognized brand, and they should last for a long time.
  • If you wrap your headphones around your ipod we you are not using them make sure there not pluged in because this can break the wires.


  • Listening to loud music for prolonged periods of time will permanently damage your hearing.
  • If someone else can hear the music from your headphones, it means you have an open headphone. Normally, in an enclosed headphone nobody can hear your music. But, if you have an enclosed headphone and someone can hear, its too loud.

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